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History of St Polycarps

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St Polycarp was the first Christian martyr after the days of the new testament. When asked to say “Caesar is Lord” he fiercely replied “For 86 years I have served the Christ and he has done me no wrong” He was burnt alive over a pile of wood as symbolized on our church emblem. Jesus said ” Whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me and the gospel will save it”

Milestones in the history of St Polycarp’s Church

1879    School church opened as a mission from Wadsley Parish Church

1900    Iron church built

1934    January 11th &12th: Dedication and consecration of 
the current church building followed by the Institution of                                Rev Adkins and the ordination of Rev Wright 

1937    Each member of Sunday School was given a New Testament in Coronation binding.
1939    Rev Fulljames.

1945    Hillsborough United Churches Council was formed.

 Rev Gilmore
1958    Rev Clarke

1959     Direct Giving Scheme was launched
1962    Rev Frogatt

1964     Missionary link with Miss Gwen Parkes was established until she retired in 1974.

1967     New hall building began.

1968     Iron church and hall we’re pulled down.

1969     New church hall officially opened.

1973     First Junior Church Camp at Bradfield 

1974     Rev Bill Watson.

1976     Parish weekend at Scargill House, Kettlewell.

1977     First woman churchwarden was elected 

1979     Rev Alan Whitely.

1980     Flood memorial plaque moved from St Mark’s.

1984     Golden Jubilee service and reunion 

1992     Re-ordering of church 

1995     Rev Mark Cockayne.              

2000     Rev Chris Stebbing served as curate from July 2000 to January 2004.

2002     Church Hall extension opened on 27th January.

2006      Rev Patrick Coghlan.

2009      22nd February – Celebration of 130 years since the mission began and 75 years of the St Polycarp’s church building 

2013     Rev Gina Kalsi until February 2020.

2013     Messy Church Launched.

2014     Rev Carl Chapman became assistant Curate.                                      

2014     Remembered the 150th anniversary of the Great Sheffield Flood.                  

2015     Libby Lane – The first woman to be ordained as a bishop in the Church of England on  26th January.                                                                             

2015     10-13 September. Crossroads Mission – The Archbishop of York led a team of 21 bishops in four days of mission across Sheffield Diocese. They walked across all the deaneries of our diocese.

2017     Louise Yaull started 18 month curacy

2017     Messy Divas launched

2018     Carl Chapman, assistant curate, passed away. RIP

2019     Major Roof Repairs.

2020     March 1st – church went into Interegnum.


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